The Best Stojo Cup

Stoneware Cup with Silicone Mouth Tab - Dishwasher Safe


The Stojo Cup is the new traveling best friend. Travel friendly, eco-friendly, and highly caffeine-free. On top of all that it's super convenient, spill-proof, lightweight, and portable which makes it the perfect traveling mug to carry with you everywhere. But is there else the Stojo Cup could do? Well, the Stojo Cup could do so much more than expand your coffee experience.


You see since it is a travel mug the lid can be easily removed and replaced allowing you to enjoy your beverage while on the road. This is made possible thanks to the expanded rim and taller design which allows for easier access. 

The expanded design also allows for an insulated compartment that keeps your beverages hot or cold for longer periods. All in all, I would have to say that while the original design may be superior, the new expandable stojo cup is the better option. The convenience and ease of use of the cup are much better than the original stojo design. It also makes great sense to add a leak-proof lid to it because everyone's needs are different.


A new product to hit the market is the stojo cup collapsible and this time it is dishwasher safe. The company that makes this cup, Stainless Steel USA has taken all of the features of their expandable cup and made them dishwasher safe. The expandable part of the cup can now be removed from the body of the cup and thrown into the dishwasher. This is a real plus for anyone who requires their cup in the dishwasher but does not want to spend the money on buying a new one.